The hairstyle in which the hair is curly, straight, and afroish at the same time.
"Dude Ninja i love your Quaff.
by Ninja Eatspie July 15, 2006
a really big hair-do.
Ben Walace's Quaff. Dont touch my Quaff man!!!
by Tyler Sidell May 28, 2006
Quaff holds the exact same meaning as the word "Cunt", but seeing as the use of this word is commonly thought of as completely unacceptable language at any social level; quaff is used. It bestows the same feeling unto the persons it is used upon without the following complaints of the language used.
That little quaff better run and hide
by Big Andy D April 07, 2005
the action of gas escaping through your pee hole also known as a fart from the shaft
sick dude that quaff smells like animal ass
by neez/roddie September 02, 2004
a form of fart caused by a vacum created in the vagina during sexual intercourse,
sally let out a huge quaff last night
by this fatguy May 18, 2006
A cool hair-cut or hair-do
Dude, don't mess up my quaff!
by Kristy February 23, 2005
Literally, a queef from the female rectum; similar to a fart, but less amusing. Figuratively, and much more common, continual and uninteresting chatter.
Oh man, she just quaffed for the whole evening.
by greg February 10, 2005

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