Is also slang for a person, who at first may appear to be stupid and foolish. In reality they are perceptive and cautious.
The quaff looks like a bum.
by Quaffmaster November 12, 2009
When a man lacking in testosterone grows four long hairs at the end of his chin.
Chris won't shave his quaff, it makes him look even more white trash.
by nerevar08 November 20, 2008
Jewish, dick sucking, asshole, Greek, whom never answers their phone, and is an incompetent douche. Also a person with a tendency to make your life shittier.
You fucking quaff!
by michaelhunterrr July 08, 2012
Pronounced (kwoff) - A kweef that is done by a somewhat manly lady. Perhaps a gym teacher, or your Aunt Ron.
When Ms. Manner, our P.E teacher got up from the benches we heard a large quaff rumble from her frontal low.
by Leanna Burns January 06, 2009
1.) (verb) to smoke weed
2.) (noun) really blazed
1.) "Wanna quaff after school?"
2.) "Let's get quaffed, man."
by nkuy and jmargs March 12, 2009
Sort of like drinking, only you spill a lot more. Usually when drinking from an old-time loop-handled whiskey jug that is balanced on your shoulder and cradled in your elbow.
He quaffed his ale noisily, then farted robustly while roasting a fresh shrimp over a buffalo chip fire.
by Xaprb December 30, 2003
The hairstyle in which the hair is curly, straight, and afroish at the same time.
"Dude Ninja i love your Quaff.
by Ninja Eatspie July 15, 2006

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