The very rare occurance of air escaping the shaft of the penis making a noise similar to a "fart". Often times when one Quaffs, it is during sexual intercourse after still "doing it" even after one has ejaculated.
Holy fuck! McDonald quaffed in a Doritos Cup on the school trip!
by Pootie October 05, 2003
A type of fart that comes out of the penis hole.
Man: God Seth did you here that?
Seth: Sorry man I just quaffed myself.
by kandk August 10, 2006
Male queef; dick fart
Dude, it smells like a rank quaff.
by Andy Power May 14, 2005
adjective- describes manorism or actions that may be classified as homosexual in nature.
"Dont walk like that, thats quaff"

"stop looking at Nicks butt, ben, you quaff little boy"
by Ryan Atkinson April 19, 2005
past tense of the world renowned queef, or a loud resonating sound formed by the expelling of trapped air from the vaginal orefice...

"As i punched her in her bulbous tummy, she quaff'd a deadly disturbance which cleared the entire household in 3 seconds flat..."
by KevinCA$H August 04, 2006
A euphemism for an erection.
When I awoke this morning, I had a raging quaff
by jhandles95 November 17, 2014

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