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Chicken heads who speak ebonics and dont know that chickens go Cluck not quack.
Bob: "Susie, you're SUCH a chickenhead."
Susan: "Fine, then I'll BE a chickenhead. Quack! Quack! Quack!"
Bob: "...That's a duck, Susie."
by imyourpusher May 13, 2005
Gangstas or wankstas who can be found hanging out on street corners throughout New York City ghettos. In between smoking weed and playing dice on the curb, they enjoy hollerin at shorties who pass by.
But beware of these hoodlums, for if a female does not respond to his mating call ("Yo, hold up for a minute ma/shorty/miss/school girl/mama!), she will be called a bitch/ugly ass bitch/ chicken head.

But no matter, once they pay their lightbills instead of buying the latest gear, I'm sure they'll feel much more congenial.
"I'm mad as hell. This hoodrat tried to holla at me, but when I ignored him, he told me I was a bitch that didn't even look all that good anyway."
by imyourpusher April 24, 2005
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