a reference to sex. Something to say during sex.
I want to quack during sex.
by LinkinParkBabeoX March 22, 2005
an acknowledgement towards something most favorable
I want quack to get in my pants.
by Matt January 19, 2004
alternative term for the act of passing wind, but done so with tremendous gusto!
Franny has let out a horrific quack.
by Wayne August 20, 2003
Money. Derived from duckets. The latter would often be shortened to "ducks", which eventually led to "quacks" (being the noise a duck makes).
"Yo, you snag that satchel?"

"Yea, yo. Shit was dough stack, though. I gotta get on making them quacks."
#duckets #mone #scrilla #dead #presidents
by Migzoola August 28, 2008
a term used for indulging sexual orgasms and noises.
Lauren loves to "quack" when having sex with...a kid who loves to throw pissballs at her.
by Andrecito February 17, 2003
the definition of quack is: moo
An example for this definition of quack is:
by pseudonym oOo cool word April 23, 2005
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