pwnage in its purest form.a pwnis is not only enormous and permanently ready for buttsecks, it has the potential to pwn all matter of objects, specializing in vaginas and other orifices. in short a penis that pwns
i am very disappointed/surprised that this word is already in the UD but ill take complete credit for it's origin anyway as i have a pwnis that will pwn anyone that disputes this fact.
by box pwner July 10, 2008
Top Definition
A penis that pwns

A classic Trevism
Trev: Suck My pwnis
Trev Sex my Pwnis
by Dan November 06, 2004
It's just being awesome, it will be said by just typing "pwni" in to a chat, meaning you are awesome, gorgeous, beautiful. simple world.

It can be used to say how beautiful someone is.
Oh you're such a pwni <3
by Ph3noM November 05, 2009
1. To "pwn" (aka own) a persons or animals penis.
1. That guy is going to get pwnisd.

2. I pwnis that guy.
by Penislips January 25, 2009
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