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1) What an ex-girlfriend does to get back at her boyfriend.

How To Perform a Snow Ball On a Guy:
First the girl must trick the guy into giving him a blowjob (not hard to do). Once the guy jizzes in her mouth, she must keep it in her mouth until she goes back up to kiss the guy and spit it all back in his mouth.
1) My friend Ryan said to me one time, "Look. Once a girl does that to me, it's time to start smacking the bitch around."
by Fuzzy October 19, 2004
April 20th. A great day for a 420.
Hey it's 420 day, lets go get stoned.
by Fuzzy April 19, 2006
1) Yoko Kanno is the Japanese musicians who does a lot of orchastrated music for animes such as Cowboy Bebop, Wolfs Rain, Escaflowne, Macross Plus, Nobunaga's Ambition, Napple Tale, Ghost in the Shell, and many more. It's insane how much music she's composed over the years and how better it continues to get. Most artist's music seem to decline the longer they're in the business.
1) Yoko Kanno has to be my most favorite composer of all time. She gets Maaya Sakamoto to sing a lot of the stuff she writes, and I love to hear her voice.
by Fuzzy October 24, 2004
A zoo with only one animal, generally a small lap dog.
The Melbourne zoo is a shit zoo.
by Fuzzy November 20, 2005
Used at the end of a sentence when you realise that the person you're explaining something to just isn't going to understand.
"An elastic scattering process with incoming particles which displace the out going particles with the combined forces... arrh blerk"
by Fuzzy April 10, 2005
n. - a rodeo event played with a card-table, a deck of cards, four contestants, four folding chairs, and a bull. The rules are: the last cowboy to set down his cards and leave the table wins.
Some contests require skill; others require cajones. Cowboy Poker is one of the latter.
by Fuzzy June 14, 2006
Wait until you are about to nut, put the tip of your dick up to the ear canal of another person, and blast your load into their ear!
She couldn't hear the next day because of the crusty brain she recieved
by Fuzzy May 05, 2003

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