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Someone who makes you fall for him and then suddenly drops you cause he is a player!
To be avoided, dont fall for their sweet words!
A text a Trev may send you:

Love you soo much reli bby girl :D <3 xxxxxxxx
by SexyGeek2 June 29, 2011
English slang for someone who wears all sports cloths (adidas, nike, rebok) and hangs around in a 'crew'. Very volitile and usually stupid. Avoid at all costs.
Also known as: skunners, townies and urboss shoscombs
"I was walking down the street yesterday and i was attacked by a crew of trevs"
by OzNoS May 04, 2003
An affectionate abbreviation for Trevelyan College, a college of Durham University, England.
Person 1:"Shall we go to Trevs?"
Person 2:"Yes, lets!"
by Gary the invincible April 03, 2008
A greeting, usually used in a place of work to acknowledge a colleagues presence.
*Paul enters the diesel workshop

Paul: Trev

Joe: Trev
by joeistheking March 17, 2013
Cute. But in the way that indie kids say cute to describe things that aren't at all cute, making the word cute completely pointless in the sentence. Trev replaces cute being the pointless word that is not used correctly.
"wow, those trousers can be unzipped to become shorts"
"that's trev"
by Combino May 28, 2012
1. Referring to the act of being a scummy ass wangsta.
2. A being that was trained at birth to be a master free loader by age 16.
3. A high school dropout.
4. A dreamer; person longing to become a pro athlete in their activity of choice, but puts forth no effort in achieving said goal.
A: "Dude, did you see all that free shit Bryan got last night?!"
B: "Yeah, he was a full blown T - Rev."
by rusty boi November 16, 2010
adj./n. a boss, bossy, in-charge, incredible, work-doer
Did you see Melanie? She looked like a total Trev managing the snack counter.
by joevballer February 09, 2010
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