It is common knowledge it originated in warcraft; you'll see a lot of those here, so I wont bore you by repeating it. However, it also applies to when people get lots of thumbs down for their bullshit definitions of "pwned"
As above:
When people get lots of thumbs down for their bullshit definitions of "pwned"
by Ambrosia January 21, 2005
To own somebody on a video game (mainly call off duty 4)
Xbox live gamer: Dude i just PWNED you with my RPG
Xbox live gamer 2: AW MAN I GOT PWNED
by dale jackson pwned May 28, 2008
An abbreviation of "pee winded", when you own a person so much you poif in their face
"Harrigan got pwned" is short for "Harrigan got farted in his face by someones dick"
by irrelevantjet March 02, 2005
If your retarded or have no life, you would use this word everyday of your life. The word means own someone or school them... (im retarded and have no life)
"You just got pwned"
"Daniel im gonna shoot you in the face if you say that one more time, I like your mustache"
by arsenal99 May 20, 2006
Unlike the other people who have posted definitions that are ridiculous, do not have substantial backing, or are simply mis-informed, I will give the complete definition of what "pwned" means.

1. The origins of "pwned" are debated but there is ownly one possible source:
a. When playing a first person shooter game online, and you find yourself with no ammunition left in your primary weapon, you find yourself having to switch to your secondary weapon, aka your pistol. Being heavily outmatched versus an automatic weapon, when the player with the pistol kills the automatic weapon user in convincing fashion, it is usually followed by a string of text "Pwned!" meaning, 'Pistol-Owned.'

P is for Pistol? Get it.
My PDW ran out of ammo so I pwned that nigga with my Glock 9mm.
by john himself June 24, 2005
1. To be professionally owned
Loser: "ROFL! You just got pwned!"

Me: *drops pencil*
Weird Russian kid who sat behind me last year: "haha, pwned"
Me (to myself): "What a looser"
by Pax123 October 26, 2008
The word "pwned" originated from the game World of Warcraft, as a typo of owned.

The word Pwned can be written many different ways, such as Pwnt, Pwn3d, pawned, pawwn3d, or p00ned.
Guy 1: Dude, I just pwned you in Halo!

Guy 2: Yeah Right, you just used a cheap ass sword.
by Kyle C.E. August 19, 2008
meaning pimiping women, nigguh, especially divas
dayummm i was totally pwned last night.
by steveriniiiiiiiiiiiiiii June 28, 2007

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