Having been power owned. The p is from power, and the rest from owned.
"Man, that man just got hit by six eighteen wheelers, eight cars, seven knights on horseback, and then hit with a mace. He got seriously pwned.
by the knave October 25, 2004
I believe it to be (now that I know it a slang derragotry meaning of owned)or you got beat and now you lose mostly its a sarcastic way of saying LOSER
so I was on the net and I say something somewhat ditsy or whatever and he'll say pwned
by sheralyn September 03, 2004
There is much debate over where the word pwned came from. Some say it is from Warcraft in a typo, others say it is from chess. I think that it is because most chat filters in game block out the word f**k so people started spelling it phuck and pwned is just a shorthand lazy ass gamer term to say "phucking owned".
"...and I got a headshot. PWNED!"
by Terry Clark January 26, 2007
It did not originate in Quake. It stands for two things. Either comPletely oWNED or Perfectly oWNED. It was never a typo.

comPletely oWNED = PWNED
Perfectly oWNED = PWNED

It makes for a lot less typing.
You just got completely owned nOOb.

or You just got PWNED nOOb.

or I PWN so hard it hurts.
by SoComDrizzt May 04, 2006
As many other definitions state, this is a corruption of the term owned. However, this term has several advantages over owned, the main one being it has no conotations with the rather touchy subject of slavery. People will also think you cool for using 1337 hacking lingo now used mainly by preteen video game players, including my brother.
Fag: Yeah i owned you!!
Large Angry Black Man: You shouldda used pwned sucka!!
*Fag squeals in pain and terror
by Tom the Enchanter August 21, 2005
Shortened version of power owned, a more intense form of ownage
Pwned you, mo' fo'!
by The ineffible deity, God May 11, 2005
Originating from OWNED meaning a higher lever of ownage. the word PWND stands for Power Owned.
"Dude, i &^%@en pwned your ass in that duel."
by Bubba March 22, 2005
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