meaning pimiping women, nigguh, especially divas
dayummm i was totally pwned last night.
by steveriniiiiiiiiiiiiiii June 28, 2007
Back during my younger days, in NAM. Whenever I got some ass, I called it PWNED. Meaning Pussy-oWNED.
I PWNED that mamasans ass last night.
by CT September 23, 2004
when someone kills you on xbox live and he fills retarded so he says u got pwned
Gamer #1 You Suck Balls. Gamer #2 Shut Up NIGGER U got pwned
by Tyler MAC July 21, 2005
"Owned" in the sence of overcoming someone else.
With a P.
In a break dancing contest with a bunch of goths that listen to skinny puppy you would so get p'wned!
by Yellowallover August 30, 2005
past tense of "to pawn"
"I freakin pwned that crap"
by SirPsycho7 March 28, 2005
The true origion of pwned was in Counter Strike.. it is not a mispelled 'owned' it formed when an opposing player was killed with a pistol instead of a main gun
so they would be pistol owned or pwned..
dude u were so close to killing me.. but i wipped out my glock and pwned you!
by Superform June 05, 2005
Short for Pre-owned, Pre-tense for Owned. Meaning you are going to, rather than u have
Just wait till we get in the server im gonna pwn j00
by Herman November 23, 2003

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