Partionally Owned

Used when winning against your opponent in a match during the game.
"Your getting PWNED"
"I totally PWNED you so far"
by Gener21839 October 09, 2004
Other than all the bullshit the other retards added, i know the real maeinging of pwned. its all started when i was 5. i was on camp and i noticed that my friend was in the shower for an awful long time. i opened the door and to my suprise there he was shoving chopsticks up his ass. i immediantwely out of instinct yelled out pwned and everyone sailing the 7 servers of warcraft heard me. THE END SO STOP MAKING THINGS UP NOW U KNOW TEH REAL MEANING
ahahahah u shover chopsticks up ur ass PWNED
that guy has no legs! PWNED
by nghianghia July 20, 2006
What Srg.69 And Srg.UB3R Do To n00bs On Halo 2
Oppositon: That Was Totall pwnzord-a-saurus By SRG.UB3R!!!!
by SRG.69/Justin melnychuk!! September 21, 2006
1)Abreviation of the word Power Owned
2)a mix between the words Power and Owned
Man u jus got Pwned
by Matt June 08, 2004
The original word owned was meaning to devestate an opponent. The word pwned is a more devestaing word that is the combination of Power + Owned = PWNED.
In stead of saying i just "Power owned" you whole team, one would simply say.
I just PWNED your whole team, what noobs!!
by Drewbs May 21, 2004

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