1. to own really hard
2. perfect ownage over another person/thing
3. to be getting owned but then to come back and pwn
Person 1: Did you see the football game?
Person 2: Yea the Bears pwned the Saints

Hebes pwns mobs by stabbing them
by Kaal-El January 22, 2007
Variation of OWN. A glitch in some nerd CPU game like warcraft where the admin or editor slipped up and said Pwned instead of Owned. Well the cpu gaming nerds decided to start a PWN saying club and now the whole country knows because nerds who PWN and warcraft have no friends so the put things on the internet. Thus, worldwide nerds will say pwned when they increase their XP in warcraft. In Halo 2 however true gamers, not gay nerds, may use pwn when they dominate some other fag in the face.
OOOHHH, Get PWNED you noob.
by BXR GOD1342 January 03, 2007
Utterly dominating someone online. This is where there is no doubt that you kicked someone's ass. Perfect+Own= PWN

Verb: To Pwn
"I completely pwn at Baal runs"

"U got pwned"
by tntallica April 28, 2006
Power own, uber own, defeat or overpower.
I pwned your mom on Halo 2 last night.
by Trevor Davila February 14, 2006
A misspelling of 'own' in an instant message.
Miyavi will pwn us all.
by Alexandrea Siete April 25, 2005
(PWN, p'OWN, poon, pAHWN)
a term coined by someone who slept through keyboarding class, it means to 'own' someone, or , rather, to be better than them at something. Admittedly, it is quite addictive to use it.
jim beats bob at super smash bros.:
jim:"I pwn'd you!"
by =^..^= December 05, 2004
Player owned, or possibly better known as "power owned." Used to show more-than-normal ownage of someone's elses skills at generally a video game.
Powered owned, bitch!
by Machine July 08, 2003
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