Like the cracker usage of own, only more so. Can be used as an verb, adjective, or possibly even a noun (although pwnage is more suited to use as a noun).

Pronunciations vary; "pone" is favored at the forums although I personally prefer something like "pwun" or "pw'n" (preserving the "w" sound).
v: Haha, I just pwned you at UT2003!
adj: Wow, this new site is pwn!
n: Another excellent pwn by R4nd0md00d134!
by DopefishJustin January 04, 2003
a once sacret word of teh warcraft III players now used by everyone who doesent even what a online game and also they dont know its said own and only spell pwn.
*the scene is school*
Retard: i PWN you danny
Danny: first of all its own secondly do you even know what a online game is dumbass?
Danny: you fail at life
by Zar23423 August 31, 2007
also, 'player owned'
n00b! y0u 60t pwnd by '10113r5k4t35'!
by INeedNoName October 11, 2006
1. kickin someones ass
2. to be the best
holy shit you got pwned
he is pwning everyone
by Weasel July 02, 2004
A gay-ass gamer-fag word derived from Own for the soul purpose of showing just how much he or she sucks at life.
Yo i'll Pwn u on Diablo 2 because in real life you'd tapdance on my face.
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
To exceed owning; to go beyond the realm of any regular insult spree. To completely outwit and outdo your adversary in verbal combat.
y_junzo: Can I get a tagline?

Rob Van Dam: No.

by Shane-O-Mac November 23, 2003
To "own", when the perpetrator of said ownage also happens to belong to clan .P

see also: .P
you just got pwned!
by Hav April 18, 2004

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