Like the cracker usage of own, only more so. Can be used as an verb, adjective, or possibly even a noun (although pwnage is more suited to use as a noun).

Pronunciations vary; "pone" is favored at the 3drealms.com forums although I personally prefer something like "pwun" or "pw'n" (preserving the "w" sound).
v: Haha, I just pwned you at UT2003!
adj: Wow, this new site is pwn!
n: Another excellent pwn by R4nd0md00d134!
by DopefishJustin January 04, 2003
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a tern used by people who play internet games like halo.
They type so fast that they write "pwn" instead of "own", yet they still have time to write "i pwned u!!!1111one!!11
which franky looks shite.
PWN is gay learn how to type properly you fucktards.
by mcfly r shit December 26, 2006
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Pwn is own with a p.
Dude 1: y did j00 kil d00d t00? he kan pwn j00!!!11
Dude 3: Shut up or I'll kill you, too.
by DoomBringer316 February 10, 2004
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To exceed owning; to go beyond the realm of any regular insult spree. To completely outwit and outdo your adversary in verbal combat.
y_junzo: Can I get a tagline?

Rob Van Dam: No.

by Shane-O-Mac November 23, 2003
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to destroy one's opponent so utterly that it is as if there was no opposition; also pwned or pwnage
The final score was 50 to 6, they got pwned.
I'm ready to pwn some noobs.
by dce2009 December 21, 2006
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1)Pwn (present tense) or Pwned (past tense) - (verb) - The total domination, shutdown, or destruction of a person place or thing.

2)Pwnage (present tense) or Pwned (Past tense) - (adjective) - Describes how amazing or cool a person, place, or thing is

Commonly used by kids, teens, and young adults in video or computer games. Originated from the word 'owned' of the same meaning, it is perhaps a typo that has become a popular in the virtual and internet world. Of the txt language or known online as 'Leet' (L33T or L337), short for 'Elite'.
1) "So how'd your game of Halo go last night?"

"I lost 50 to 17."

"Dude, you got totally pwned!"

2) "How was your trip to Seattle?"

"It PWNED HARDCORE! You should have been there!"

2) "Left 4 Dead 2 is going to be Major Pwnage!"
by phre4k October 29, 2009
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PWN (verb) 1. An act of dominating an opponent. 2. Great, ingenious; applied to methods and objects. Originally dates back to the days of WarCraft, when a map designer mispelled "Own" as "Pwn". What was originally supose to be "player has been owned." was "player has been pwned". Pwn eventually grew from there and is now used throughout the online world, especially in online games.
1. "I pwn these guys on battlenet"

2. "This strategy pwns!" or "This game pwn."

3. "Newman just got pwned by Ashlee."
by DGOW November 09, 2010
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