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The possibility of being able to hook up or have sexual relations with a female partner at any given time.
It looks like Bob has a pussybility with Joan tonight; Bob had some great game going on tonight.
by tetsoysauce January 13, 2008
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when a man has many possibilities (chances) to fuck with many differents girls, in this way he has many pussy.
What will you do tonight ?

I don't Know, I have many pussybilities.

Do you have fucked the girl ?
No, man.
Why ?
Because is not a problem for me to fuck a girl, I have many pussybilities
by Jinko aka Masta Killah J September 23, 2009
The probability of pussy possibility when going to a place or pussy availability when talking about a person (female or shemale or something with a pussy)
John: Hey Faggots, let's go to the bar tonight
Faggots: I'm not sure, what's the pussybility there?
John: The pussybility is... really high, like.. really
by pussybilityman February 18, 2013

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