1)refrence to a womans vigana, from puntang
2)used in place of moron, also poon
3) used to describe anything with dislike.
1) She had a tight ass pune.
2)You slammed your head in the door, haha you stupid pune.
3)We have a test! This shits pune.
by Lucius March 08, 2003
Top Definition
Pune, meaning; small amount of something/anything.
Usually used by Moorabin thugs located in south east of Melbourne, Australia.
-Man look how much they gave us in the g
-Man thats pune amount!!!
#oath #melbourne #australia #soccer #amount
by Mennan Yelkken September 17, 2007
The way an idiot spells poon, often due to a general lack of ability to spell, or more likely not having a clue in matters sexual.

Can often help you spot someone that is either lying about getting some, or just lying about knowing 'adult stuff'
Geth "I got me some sweet pune last night!'

Bob "Wow, get in, though I'm guessing it wasn't your spelling that attracted her?"

Boy 1 "Mate, I was riding the wife like a champ last night!"

Boy 2 "OMG like me to! you shoulda seen the totally rad pune I was getting"

Boy 3 "Sure you did... How old are you, like 12?"
#pune #poon #vag #hoe #poontang
by jeddows June 08, 2010
Synonym NOT of poon

a sopping wet vaja-j.
joe likes pune for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
#vagina #pie #fish #stick #narcissi
by Joseph Geary May 19, 2007
The new word for "penis".
I heard Bob has some small punes.
"Oh yeah baby, put my punes in your mouth"
#penis #cock #dick #punes #pune #prunes #bob #swo #dick tickler
by Josh Stiles March 24, 2006
The proper way of spelling pune.

Pune means a woman's genetalia. Stems from the word "pudenda", which is actually in the dictionary.
Bob - "Dude I totally got some awesome pune last night".

Bill - "Nice man congrats! "
#pune #punetang #poon #poontang #pone #pussy
by ThePieMonster December 08, 2014
Noun. Back-formation from "puny". One who is puny, weak, sickly, frail, etc.
The flu would probably kill a pune like him!
#puny #weak #sickly #unhealthy #frail #immunocompromised
by Witchdoc6146 June 11, 2010
a place in inda
i am the king of pune!
i came from pune!
i love pune!
by BuG300K June 02, 2004
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