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A man who is obese and has a body hair problem.
That guy looks like a real teddy bear, go figure.
by Witchdoc6146 July 18, 2010
A brain condition caused by lack of intelligence. An abbreviation for "not very bright".
That guy can't get it right, he has NVB.
by witchdoc6146 July 09, 2010
Also rip-down. Noun. An act of proactively and publicly besmirching or otherwise ruining another's reputation, except that a ripdown also involves some illegal sabotage (i.e., hacking and falsifying information) to make it effective. In the most extreme cases, the perpetrator seeks employment for an actual job in which they will be in a position of authority over their target's reputation. It has nothing to do with a ripoff, although it is possible to rip someone off and then rip them down.
He tried to do a ripdown on the author because he didn't like her book.
by Witchdoc6146 June 11, 2010
Noun. Back-formation from "puny". One who is puny, weak, sickly, frail, etc.
The flu would probably kill a pune like him!
by Witchdoc6146 June 11, 2010
Noun. A lint trap or garbage trap, usually in the form of a disk or cup of metal wire mesh screen or perforated sheet metal, placed in the drain of a sink or an air convection duct.
Putting a fuzzplucker in the sink drain hole and keeping it clear will eliminate the need for a garbage disposal.
by Witchdoc6146 June 11, 2010
Noun. Also a verb, "hedge-lecturing". An unofficial and often illegal peer-to-peer educational method, done totally outside the purview of the educational establishment, in which one person teaches another some technical skill which can potentially be misused for harmful purposes. It is derived from "hedge sermon", when early Protestant clerics were banned by the Vatican from preaching in Catholic churches.
1. Vera gave me a hedge lecture in chemistry in her dining room. 2. I'm hedge-lecturing Max about how engines work.
by Witchdoc6146 June 11, 2010
Noun. An imaginary nonprofit organization, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to the Feeble-Minded. Usually invoked in jest to rebuke someone who is tormenting a mentally deficient or stupid person.
You better not pick on your dimbulb cousin, or I'll tip the ASPCFM off to you!
by Witchdoc6146 June 11, 2010

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