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Getting so drunk you dance when there isn't even music
Yo, Frank was pulling a Randy so hard he fell down the stadium rows!
by jello132 April 11, 2015
1. To not be available
2. To be missing, similar to lost
3. To always be located in a place where cell phones, pagers, internet connections and all other forms of communication do not work
4. To constantly have a multitude of technology problems, even though, you are an expert in technology
5. To say in 500 words what could be said by normal English speakers in 2 words
Lyn was pulling a randy when she suddenly disappeared from the office, suspiciously before five.
by Leena M October 11, 2005
Filling out a credit card application in order to receive a free gift--usually a T-shirt, or meal (often a Subway sandwich).
"Yo, I forgot my lunch again. I'm thinking about Pulling a Randy."
by James D. Strathmore May 15, 2007

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