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Previously commiting to something and not following through. Also ignoring phone calls, and or not notifying other parties when a change of plans occurs. Leaving friends "in the dust". Also see gay.
Jacob: Yo man, where is Greg, he is suppose to be here?

Alex: Bro, I called it. He's pulling a Joey. You owe me $10.
by AcBush July 10, 2008
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Saying "whatever" because you have no counter argument and can't think of something intelligent to say.
"Whatever Kati" "really joey, see your pulling a joey!"
by Faawee February 15, 2014
Faking sick and not coming to school, instead staying home and doing absolutely nothing.

Saying you did your homework, then looking for a half-hour, not finding anything, saying you swear it was there, and completely lie even though everyone knows you didn't do your homework.
Steve: Where's Joe today?
Ed: Oh, he's totally pulling a Joey.

Joe: I know I did my homework, but I just can't find it. Can I check my locker?
Teacher: Sure
(half-hour later)
*bell rings*
Joe: I did it, but can I get it to you tomorrow?
Teacher: Yes...
*Joe then looks in the extra sheets folder, takes the homework, and doesn't do it anyways. The cycle continues forever*
by EJ Falkon April 19, 2010

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