Pull is another word for a 'hit'. It could mean from a cigar, butt, blunt, bowl, bong, or any other smoking device. Most commonly referred to for blunts.
Everybody just chill and take like two pulls and pass - Gangstarr - "Take two and pass"
by slightlycoped December 14, 2008
Sexual slang. To pull is to get someone to sleep with you.
To have pull is to be attractive.
Pulling is someone who is is the art of seduction.
"I pulled this hot chick last night!"

"That hot chick has some mad pull brotha"

"Check those two out he's fully pulling on her ahh!"
by Raph August 12, 2004
To give oral pleasures to a male
Hey slut, are you going to come and pull or what?
by PullMaster October 24, 2004
How long someone cann pull there hair down.
I pull at ma nose, but ma dawg Jamie pull at his shoulder.
by Ya Boi T August 28, 2007
to beat the shit outta someone
come here, i'll fucking pull ya
by derkmergan August 20, 2003
The act of masturbation
"I was hitting on some chick last night, but she bailed on me so I just went home for a pull"
by NSP81 May 13, 2007
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