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managing to get to some milestone related to sexual relations - may be a kiss, a phone number etc or full lown sex.
i told you i'd pull twenty guys this month!
by elucida June 18, 2003
to lift; steal; take; or to procure for someone
I pulled a pack of smokes 'cuz my bro hadn't the cash
by Ilianivich March 15, 2003
said when someone at the party gets up to grab another beer in order to get yourself one
your buddy gets up to get a beer

"hey Nolin, PULL"

then he will return with a beer for you as well
by Reeves15 August 18, 2008
when asking for a drink from a buddy's alcohol beverage.
I can't find my beer dog, let me get a pull from ya
by ronczz July 10, 2008
A word that can be used in order to turn any noun or name of a person into an action.
Look at that, he just pulled a wheelie!
Haha, you totally pulled a Jimmy.
by Tate Potato April 05, 2007
To have unbelievable quickness down the first straight of a BMX track. West coast pull is common, as west coast BMXers are quicker most of the time, becuase of the weather.
That Factory Aggo rider has pull. He has west coast pull.
by C.J. Thomas November 12, 2006
1. To extract a substance from the source.

2. To remove a part from the whole.

3. To discontinue selling merchandise.
1. We pull gold from the ore.

2. Pull that tranny so we can rebuild it.

3. Pull that tainted food from the shelves.
by Downstrike June 04, 2004