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Pull is another word for a 'hit'. It could mean from a cigar, butt, blunt, bowl, bong, or any other smoking device. Most commonly referred to for blunts.
Everybody just chill and take like two pulls and pass - Gangstarr - "Take two and pass"
by slightlycoped December 14, 2008
1) Exertion of force in order to bring an object nearer. Opposite of Push
2) Possessing the ability to have things accomplished by others in your favor
3) To remove merchandise from the selling floor
4) Controlled demolition
1) Pull this desk with me over here.
2) That man has a lot of pull in the company
3) Pull the shirt from the floor
4) We're going to pull building 6.
by Matrix4Yeshua January 05, 2006
What my boyfriend David spends hours doing almost every day--masturbating. Male masturbation. Getting the head slick with K-Y and pulling and pulling on it hoping you can "squirt" (another word I learned from my boyfriend...)
David pulled so much last night that his elbow is disconnected.
by Suz January 03, 2004
to snog sumone
mate i pulled so many fit birds last nite u cannot belive.
by mc flava 01 July 01, 2003
In collaborative multiplayer games, esp. MMORPGs, the act of an individual luring one or two monsters from a densely populated area of the map back to your party where they can pummel it in unison.
1. You've got the highest run speed, so you pull and we'll wait here.

2. Pull to the foyer, not the ante-room.

3. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, you pulled the whole damn clan, buttmunch! OW!!!
by Sushifiend3000 October 20, 2004
1. In Ultimate Frisbee, the throw that starts play at the start of the game or after a goal has been scored.

2. To make this throw.
1. That was a nice pull.

2. Okay, who's gonna pull?
by Housecat January 03, 2004
To set up an account at a comic book store so that the books you buy are automatically set aside for you.
This new Hulk mini-series looks good, I'm going to add it to my pull.
by Sigar Cel November 25, 2003