To take a drink of beer.
Hey man, can I get a pull off your brew?
by Dave October 30, 2003
To smoke a bong.
"Hurry up and pull that cone dude, that bong ain't a microphone."
"I was pulling my cone when he made me laugh; I coughed into the bong, shooting resin and weed out of the stem."
"I went home and pulled some billies."
by Diego September 11, 2003
person that looks like a pig and a bull combined
man that girl u were was totally a pull
by onithekid April 27, 2011
A hand job, either performed by oneself or a partner.
She gave me a pull last night.

I might have had to have a pull once or twice in the week she was gone.
by bluetop3456 January 06, 2010
1) Exertion of force in order to bring an object nearer. Opposite of Push
2) Possessing the ability to have things accomplished by others in your favor
3) To remove merchandise from the selling floor
4) Controlled demolition
1) Pull this desk with me over here.
2) That man has a lot of pull in the company
3) Pull the shirt from the floor
4) We're going to pull building 6.
by Matrix4Yeshua January 05, 2006
In collaborative multiplayer games, esp. MMORPGs, the act of an individual luring one or two monsters from a densely populated area of the map back to your party where they can pummel it in unison.
1. You've got the highest run speed, so you pull and we'll wait here.

2. Pull to the foyer, not the ante-room.

3. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, you pulled the whole damn clan, buttmunch! OW!!!
by Sushifiend3000 October 20, 2004
to buy Cigarettes, Alcohol, Porn or anything else that Require a Legal age for some one who is underage.
My boyfriend will pull me a pack of smokes.
by LethalLynsi March 19, 2009

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