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8 definitions by NSP81

A woman who has sex with another woman by rubbing their vagina's together
She wouldn't have sex with me so she must have been a clam clasher
by NSP81 April 19, 2007
4 0
erotic literature used solely for the purpose of male self pleasure
Mate, I am banging for a tug! Have you got a spangle mag I can rub one out to?
by NSP81 August 26, 2007
3 0
A term used to describe having to fight someone with no other options left
"There were 3 or 4 guys that had me backed into a corner so I had to go the knuckles to get out of there"
by NSP81 April 26, 2007
3 1
An instance in where you suffer a sudden bout of depression
"I can't believe she broke up with me. I'm having a serious emo-ment her."
by NSP81 May 01, 2007
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A chant started when someone is forced to drink something extremely quickly
Frat Boy 1 - "I can't chug any more beer dude, seriously"

Frat Boy 2 - "Shut up you pussy. Drink your milk, drink your milk, DRINK YOUR MILK!!!"
by NSP81 May 09, 2007
6 17
The act of masturbation
"I was hitting on some chick last night, but she bailed on me so I just went home for a pull"
by NSP81 May 13, 2007
3 21
A word used to describe having an awesome experience. Adjective.
I went and saw the Foo Fighters with my bro last night. That shit was fucking prong off the richter
by NSP81 September 16, 2007
2 56