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A movie rating for films they add a few "oh, shits" to so it will appeal to pre-adolescents.
Say shit a few times, Manny, so this flick won't be G-rated.
by octopod November 23, 2003
Something too risque for young children.
The bra section of the clothing store is too PG-13 for six-year old Billy.
One rating less than R.
Jack didn't get to go all the way to R with Jill, but he got pg-13 .
by UrbanLegends101 April 02, 2015
Dope DJ
Yo u hear that PG13 guy spin? hes DOPE!
by True April 12, 2003
One damn unlucky polish gangster.
Man, you are one PG-13.
by Zach G. October 28, 2003
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