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Abrieviation of proper respect
Props dude, you just pulled the fittest girl in the club
by shritis August 30, 2006
227 152
originally, a fake object used in movies to represent the real object.
That gun is just a prop. It isn't real.
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
94 42
Numbers 1 and 3 on a rugby team. # 1 is the loosehead prop and #3 is the tighthead prop. Their job is to support the hooker.

A loosehead prop lines up for the scrum on the left hand side of the hooker in the front-row, and the tigthead on the right hand side of the hooker. When the two front-rows interlock with each other for the scrum, the loosehead has one side of his head out of the scrum (the left side), and scrummages against the opposition tighthead. The tighthead has both sides of his head in the scrum, and scrummages against the loosehead.

Hooker: What are we doing?
Prop#1: Get your ass over here Carmen!
Prop#3:(to other prop)ohmigod when is she ever gunna get it?
by ruggerhugger June 29, 2003
76 42
noun. verbal recognition awarded to those who perform bold or daring feats. Praise.

Props are trumped only by mad props.
Guy 1: Did you see Jimmy clear those stairs on his skateboard?
Guy 2: Yeah, I have to give him his props for that one.
by Joey Orgler 3 July 30, 2008
67 43
\'prÄps\n pl by shortening of PROPERS f. proper respects 1 : respect, proper respects "we shold give teachers props in this country" 2 : credit where credit is due "he may be dull but I give him props for his neurosurgery noble prize achievement" 3 : Praise, recognition -syn KUDOS, shout out, propers, respect, deserve
"Mad PROPS on the brain transplant, doctor!"
by ReneP July 29, 2007
59 38
A "prop" is any item, either hand held or free standing, that is not nailed down on a theatrical or film set.

The term originates from the basic inventory of the company being the "property" of the owner.

General use is to give authenticity to a performance by adding a prop to give the actor "business". Interacting with a brush, sitting at a dressing table in a scene sets up the "suspension of disbelief" along with sets and costuming.
"The stage manager asked for all hand props to be used at rehearsal.
by Amadscientist November 18, 2009
17 9
“props”is short for Proper recognition, it is like a handshake but is done when closed fists briefly touch.
hey whats up "props"-the action is performed
by P-ERA March 23, 2008
29 22