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Term to describe Jailbait. Like those teens on the _____-teen model sites, that chick is illegal.
Quick Tip: Lizzy Maguire T-shirt=Jailbait. 16 will get you 20.
by Brainstrain November 12, 2004
From an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims unit. Where Toy Mogul supposedly molested several children.

The perv was played by someone who looks sort of like Jimmy Fallon
Wanna go to the treasure room? It's full of special pajamas.
by Brainstrain March 31, 2004
Physical objects, used when acting. Not used in mime or pantomime.
"Lets use my dads gun as a prop in the school play. I bet it's unloaded!"
by Brainstrain January 19, 2004
Forums, found on pvpforums.com

Home to fads, slash, randomness. Luckily, no goatse.

Originally based on Scott Kurtz's pvpcomics.
"WTF up with PVP today?"

by Brainstrain January 19, 2004

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