To be in a state, mental or physical, of complete ecstatic contentment.
"How you feeling after hitting the bowl?"
"I'm pretty proper my sweet papa."
Implying a readiness for intercourse
by RomeoW February 02, 2007
1) Appropriate for a condition or situation
2) Thoroughly
1) Cutting steak with the proper knife is much easier

1) When stood within slap reach of a lady it is not a proper moment to call her a bitch

2) Kate mashed Tims potatoes good and proper
by shritis August 30, 2006
a british term litterally meaning to be fucked *proper*. to fuck someone proper is to fuck them correctly.
getting the job done doing it right!
he emceed that set right proper!
by damsel November 17, 2003
To work the way a person or object is expected to.
I'm tellin' you Rufus, your ho is holding out on you. The bitch aint proper.
by Ken November 29, 2002
Proper is a word used to describe something totally awesome. It's especially used by individuals who are usually off da heezy. Can also be said as "propa".
D-money is mad crazy yo. His album is f-ing proper!
by David Propa Lai February 05, 2006
a word meanin sumthin is good or is u said that top is proper buff in this case it would mean well
that chain is proper buff
by strawberry sauce May 22, 2005
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