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meaning extremely, really, or very
I was proper tired after spending the day out


I stopped hanging out with those lads because they were proper scallies and always got me in trouble!
by alicojolico November 01, 2007
a term used in warez alot, meaning the actual thing, aka not fake or invalid, usually of good quality.

NOT phony/a ripoff.
by rob 5hane July 10, 2008
Respect and courteries rendered for an ethical, proper action someone did that is further warranted through facts, politics or other mitigating circumstances deemed necessary.
In a recent Man Tracker show on Discovery two beautiful, young, ambitious ladies lost to Man Tracker at 2.9 miles from finish but he still gave them all due propers, respects and courtesies for not being quitters(losers) in the face of adversity to reaching for their higher potential.
by honestguy87110 August 05, 2009
Good; cool; perfect. made popular by M.C. Hammer.
ah, dat shit is proper
by Shaneo October 17, 2003
Pronounced 'Prop-er', or 'Propa'

Used before a word to emphasise it's meaning.
1. This box is proper heavy.
2. I have a proper head-ache.
by Adsy Tank March 24, 2008
Its another word for loads. Used by a few in london. Not very known but fun to use.
Thats proper hairspray youre applying Mo0olly Mate From Myspace tm.
by Willow Bird June 13, 2008
To be in a state, mental or physical, of complete ecstatic contentment.
"How you feeling after hitting the bowl?"
"I'm pretty proper my sweet papa."
Implying a readiness for intercourse
by RomeoW February 02, 2007