False information which is made out to be true by the media, or any other group of bullshit artists, including police officers. Although as a rule, propogandists spread their brand of bullshit intentionally, some people are so ignorant and hard-headed that they honestly beleive their own bullshit.
The show "COPS" is a load of propogandic bullshit that tries to make it seem like police are the good guys (as if they needed a further ego boost) and crimes, especially violent crimes, are only commited by black people, when neither is the whole truth.
by D-Shiznit June 25, 2005
Effective publicity for a position with which the speaker does not agree.
1. The Democratic Senator called the testimony about a Social Security crisis Republican propaganda.

2. The Republican Representative called criticism of the Iraqi elections Democratic propaganda.
by Fidem Scit February 01, 2005
Organised lies and filth collected, gathered and sorted by the government to throw at the public verbally.
Just click my name, look at my word definitions and bathe in the propaganda!
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 21, 2003
an umbrella - tells you that it is not raining when it is
" i use a Propaganda brolly - i never get wet "
by bluescreenbastard August 09, 2005
the true definition of propaganda is a penis...
my propaganda is huge...
yeah it is
by Jane Hooker August 02, 2005
Contrary to popular belief, they're used on both spectrums of the political war (read: conservative and liberal).
Propaganda is present in:

Many, many newspapers, including alternates
Websites for both parties

Joe was getting tired of the propaganda about how the US was corrupt, about how the US is the best, about how corporations were evil, about how corporations weren't, et cetera.
by OLOL October 13, 2007
a really long word used in politics(another long word)
United Kingdom Independance Party are propaganda
by David Richardson April 04, 2005

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