To take a good look at something.
"Ey, mate, take a look over 'ere. ...Nah, don't just glance - take a propaganda!"
by Gandasaurous May 14, 2012
Misinformation About somthing which is false but presented as truth.

often spread by the goverment to keep people from doing something that they dont want them to do.
A good example of propaganda is the war on drugs.
-Smoking Marijuana will make you a schizophrenic.

This is from the golden age of drug propaganda during the 50s and 60s.Sadly Some uneducated people still belive this.
by Hymen June 30, 2006
A term often extensively overused by people on websites like YouTube to the point its real meaning is confused. Also becoming a popular response to any kind of topic related to specific countries.
I heard Lewis Hamilton isn't actually as good as Alonso?
That's just Spanish Propaganda

Yeah I know, but It's made in Germany.
Damn Nazi Propaganda

These new city road tolls the government has introduced suck.
Just more Government Propaganda
by TG83 December 28, 2007
A misleading propagation of an otherwise unfounded ideal. See Fox News.
Are you buying into their shit? God help you if you are.
by * November 21, 2004
Well the definition is easy just word it out prop-a-ganda
A. a prop B. a gay panda put it together u get a gay panda with a vibrator
At the zoo i took a picture of a propaganda.
by SchuylerZ April 15, 2010
Website for the Propaganda club night in Bristol. Full of students, spotty wankers, 30 year old oddities, attention seeking whores, gay scenesters and sad wannabes.
Robyn - "Ere, I grew up in Hartcliffe I did, I should like totally know what being a chav is like. They are totally, like, not accepted at Propaganda!"

Kaiser Chief - "Lets bring back the death sentence and together we will destroy the minorities"

Emmer - "We need a fucking edit button!"

Ornsack - "LOL"
by tjhooker December 13, 2005
not just a lie but a total and complete lie inculcated in you via the culture see cult

you are completely brainwashed...

how does that make you feel?
everything is propaganda
everything is a big,fat,lie
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