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Advertising, whether it be from the government, places trying to sell you something or teachers. It isn't always false, nor is it exclusively sent from the government.
"The Germans had a lot of propaganda in WWII, but so did the Americans."

"The propaganda from that store was really dumb."
by Elia July 05, 2005
The magical land in which the books The Wizard Of Oz and Wicked take place.
We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz.
by Elia April 29, 2005
The act that caused the Russian population to turn against the Czar in the early 20th Century. Over 2000 people went to the palace in a peaceful way to ask for more bread from their loving Czar Nicholas II, but the royal guard shot at them, killing between 200 and 1000.
"Bloody Sunday was why the Russian Revolution was inevitable."
by Elia July 05, 2005
to steal.
I ganked a bar of candy from the corner store.
by elia April 10, 2003
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