Procrasturbating is the act of masturbating as a form of procrastination.

To put off or to defer work or responsibility with a quick hand-shandy.

Sometimes referred to as a procrasti-wank.
I couldn't procrasturbate any more. I had no other choice but to do my essay.
by TMurray88 April 24, 2011
Noun- A combination of procrastination and masturbation; masturbating in the effort to procrastinate. Usually occurs when you are supposed to be doing work on a computer, but start to look at porn and end up masturbating instead.
Leroy has to do all of his work in the computer lab where he can't procrasturbate.
by Slate Giz May 13, 2010
When one has intent to accomplish something, but instead masturbates.
I never get my homework done in time, I procrasturbate too much!
by BridgesGijsbers April 05, 2010
When you have something to do but you procrastinate and spend your time masturbating instead.
i have homework that's due tomorrow, but all i've done today was procrasturbate
by Rooskie Business March 07, 2010
To masturbate when one's procrastinating
Instead of doing my work, i procrasturbated to my favorite porno.
by ZACX February 24, 2010
When you get stressed about having alot of work and just masturbate instead of getting anything done
"Yo have you started your essay?"
"Nah man, I've been procrasturbating"

"I have alot of homework to do tonight, I'm probably going to break down and procrasturbate"
by McEwenC February 16, 2010
to beat the meat nonstop over a specific interval of time, pause for a short while, then continue jerking violently, repeating the process as desired; although frequently time consuming, the on-off duty of manning the post often terminates in a forceful and messy yet satiating and pleasant explosion.
I usually follow the 5-minute on, 5-minute off rule for about an hour during my procrasturbation session, at the end of which I acquire the power of vertically projectile cumshots.

My girlfriend likes to help me procrasturbate after class. After about 45 minutes of this technique, I can always makes her flinch when I blow my rocks' load on her face, or even her chest!
by theking07 January 20, 2010
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