A joint or blunt containing and a sprinkling of cocaine.
Don't you wanna smoke a primo?
by Angela Lines December 16, 2003
A pimp
He gets so many girls ,he's such a primo!
by Bella Staten Island January 08, 2014
A skateboarding move where the board is on its side and the griptape facing the same direction the skate is and the skate is standing on top of the board and the board is sliding
I can primo 4 parking spaces
by Pool Of Corruption September 11, 2004
1) When you land on a skateboard sideways on accident by either over or under rotating a flip trick. Anyone who says they did it on purpose usually is a faggot. Landing primo can and most likely will hurt your feet really bad.

2) AKA "fire"
A good example of "primo" who be in the beginning of Dustin Dollin's part in the "Baker has a Deathwish" promo video when he tries the f/s flip over the rail. FIRE
by whatareyouaskingmethisfor March 24, 2009
a fat ass blunt with a little bit of cocaine in it = a great high.
Guy 1- Yo dawg what you rollin?
guy 2- ahh man im twistin up a primo dog, its gunna be great, yo man pass da coke and weed this way.
by Juicey juicey juice May 23, 2008
A blunt with both marijuana and coke.
"Ima smoke primo and get money illegaal"
by WhatsPoppin09 October 06, 2008
Code talk for an unknown advantage during during a squirt gun fight in which a black girl bursts into a drivers ed class and squirts another black kid, usually a male.
Girl Bursts In: "Gotcha!"
Other Kid: "Yo nigga I called primos!"
Girl: "No way bitch I got bases first!"
Other Kid: "Shit you one crazy nigga!"
by gatorbate June 18, 2004
a joint with yallo sprinkle on it
dawg i rolled that primo with a fukin 8-ball cuzzin
by D-FOES October 28, 2003

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