weed with a hint of cocaine.
"i smoked a shit
load of primo today and
now my mom wants me to go
to rehab."
by tinyy. August 04, 2008
A wearer of premium pants.
"You are a primo pant mon."
by Kevin Parrish December 04, 2008
A hip hop DJ/producer from the East Coast. Very talented but also overweight and bad tempered at times, believing that people aren't taking hip hop seriously or don't know what hip hop is.
MOP "Take it back Primo..."
Primo "This the real hip hop mo'fuckers" frowns angrily
by Joseba Mundial May 20, 2005
Dirty proner
OMG, you pulled a primo on me. Dirty proner!
by maxwell May 01, 2004
Performing the act of beating the living hell out of someone in an angry fashion.
"Yo I'm about to go primo on your bitch ass!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
The exact moment when one has had just enough alcohol to be as intoxicated as possible without ralphing a big one all over those around you.
Dude 1: "Hey dude, want some more beer?"
Dude 2: "No, dude. I'm at a primo level."
by Frank the Tank August 24, 2003
Primo is a lady killer, he is liked by a lot of people. Primo is a lover, basically the best person Ever. His personality makes him better than a god. He's the best in a crowd. Primo is known for his great sex.
You're a fucking Primo with the girl's bro!
He's can fuck like a Primo!
Your as hyped as Primo
by KidEazy January 29, 2015

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