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v. The act if vomiting.
Look at that chick ralphing, I told you not to order more then a salad!
by Jargin April 26, 2006
Posing bent down like a gangster for a picture by any random item...must be the the crouching position looking hard as hell
At my moms ralphing the shit out of these throw pillows
by #ralphing goin viral December 11, 2013
When a story is told which seems unbelievable or far fetched.
Stop ralphing, everyone knows you did it.
by Primo March 31, 2015
When someone becomes so excited by something that the energy contained inside the "ralper" manifests itself in the form of an awkward squeel of immense joy. An act illustrating the inability for one to maintain composure, causing a complete break of character, regardless of who may be nearby.
Joseph was watching an oh-so-entertaining episode of Kenan and Kel one evening and during an awkward moment of the show, he became so excited and embarrassed for the comedic duo that he let out a ralph. Nobody looked at him the same again.

Ralphing occurs regularly throughout society.

The two children skateboarding slid down the hill at lightning speeds. They managed to find a way to a complete stop. The thrill was so immense that they both jumped with joy and took turns ralphing.
by OAFUS KABAL October 29, 2008
When you and some freinds are driving in a car and when there is a person you pull over shout AYE YO RALPH!! and speed off

it is great fun

you can also do walking ralphing and e-ralphing
Lets go ralphing

Yea man i love ralphing
by AYEYORALPH September 06, 2009
the act of wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

Note: The clothing must have the polo player on it.
Why is he ralphing at the football game?
by B Hur August 08, 2007
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