PCP, Sherm, Dust, ill.. wat ever u wanna call it
Primos is some badd shit
by infamousx89 February 20, 2005
a nickname for DJ Premier
by Supa Fly December 12, 2002
(Adj) When skateboarding, landing primo is when land on the side of your board. This usually ends badly and jams your wrist back.
Jerry attempted El Toro yesterday. He landed primo and sprained his wrist.
by unineff2000 October 10, 2014
A pimp
He gets so many girls ,he's such a primo!
by Bella Staten Island January 08, 2014
a good parking space. front row. closer than that shitty back parking lot.
guy one: Yo, where's your car parked?
me: Primo!
by Jackie Pee December 17, 2009
to roll nicotine and crack cocaine in rolling papers,A STEP LOWER THAN SMOKING THE CRACK PIPE,A waste of money,
If you keep smoking primoes,your gonna end up a glass monkey!
by SHARON MINOR December 18, 2007
A skateboarding move where the board is on its side and the griptape facing the same direction the skate is and the skate is standing on top of the board and the board is sliding
I can primo 4 parking spaces
by Pool Of Corruption September 11, 2004

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