out of this world; something unexplanatory
"Bro that's so priest"
"Did u see wtf just happened?" Ya it was too priest
by vitabella February 12, 2013

1. When a human male urinates and, for some reason (e.g., dried semen partially covering the urethral orifice, some kind of urethral dysfunction, general misfortune), the urine sprays out uncontrollably, and in the wrong direction(s), often rendering the fly unusable (except by the extremely un-germophobic) and causing the urinator to be, literally, pissed off. This meaning of the word is found in the verb phrase "to have a priest."

2. When a male, in the middle of urination, suddenly, out of his own volition, aborts said urination, despite the fact that he is not yet done (i.e., still has pee left that desperately wants to come out). This act is usually very uncomfortable, backing up the flow of piss, and thus creating an extremely uncomfortable urinary traffic jam. This meaning demands the verb phrase "to do a priest."
1. "Dude, okay, I'm really sorry, but I had a priest the other day and I kind of ruined those pants you lent me."

2. "Okay, so, when I was little, I once had to be hospitalized because my urethra exploded when, experimenting, I did a priest."
by Micturient Lad August 17, 2010
male equivalent of cougar; an older man who has sex with younger women (or young men)
Damn, that priest is really eying up that high-schooler!
by oakstmoney September 21, 2010
A supposed man of god who usually rapes and molests the young boys of the choir or community, often never gets caught,

Or can be a man of god who only wishes the best (however this is a very rare specimen)
Drake: Mann, that priest just took little Danny into the back room of the church
Justin: He's gonna get the surprise of his life
by the website April 09, 2010
*someone who touches little boys in the name of god
*someone who thinks because they can make up rules that people will follow cause the catholic church is the antichrist and no one wants to admit it, he is better than others
*false teacher
*spawn of the devil
read the bible.......
what the fuck do you have to confess to a man (a priest) all the shit you do wrong last i checked we are all human
read the news there is bound to be a story or two of a priest touching a little boy
by b0uncer January 29, 2009
A metal object which is used when fishing to knock the fish out and stop them jumping all over the boat. Looks proper funny when the fish gets battered. (Pun not intentional.) It has a handle and a lump of metal on the end.
"Pass the priest this bastard mackerel is jumping all over."
*smack smack*
"There it can't jump with no brains."
by The wrath August 12, 2005
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