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shackle is a amazing unreal tournament player who often annhilates people and in return gets called a bot by others due to his amazing cache of skills.
An example of shackle would be aimbot
by Tranceut December 31, 2005
prison , lock up , county blues
See the losers and up in shackles of motherfuckin chains
Or laid out in the streets leakin out they brains

(50 cent (heat)
by DAS November 23, 2003
to throw up, lose your shit
damn, did you see that girl last night? she totally shackled everywhere
by bigdickdownie November 28, 2011
A shot or goal scored in football which involves a tackle from either attacker or defender, sometimes resulting in freak goals.
Fabregas scored a cracking shackle against Sunderland the other week.
by Sandylicious October 25, 2010
When a player executes great defense on an opponent, stopping them from having a good game!
Last night I had mike in "shackles"! He didn't score the whole game!!!
by Deeluxs1979 July 26, 2009
shakle: a reference made to loose change (nickles, dimes, quarters, (in Canada loonies and toonies)
You have 5 dollars in shackle!
by fentdog October 16, 2006
A great corkman that women
of the world dream about
thought I had shackles last night
by shackles December 10, 2003
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