A word that describes the people that use it
Fred: "That was the most abysmal, misogynistic waste of time I'm likely to ever experience in this terrestial realm."

George: "Don't be pretentious. Just tell me you don't like American Pie next time."
by wsucoug August 20, 2011
When people mention the last thing they read in school as if it was obvious, and as if you'd have to be completely stupid not to know what they're talking about.

Also when people talk like they're giving a formal speech.
Why won't that girl just say what she means? It's so pretentious. Reminds me of Trübner, really.
by Luau999 December 31, 2010
ostentatious, big-headed, full of hot air.
Filip Osmulski is so pretentious that the air becomes thin with his ego when he is around.
by ButterflyCode March 11, 2006
A word that douchebags use all the time in an attempt to sound intelligent. Usually the subject that the douchebag is using the word, "pretentious" against will have you asking yourself if they even know what the word means.
Douchebag: "I think that, "(Insert a name of a good show here)" is pretentious and overrated!"
Normal Person: "I really just think that the writers are just trying to entertain an audience, why exactly is it pretentious?
Douchebag: "(Couldn't Answer)"
by Dick Of Dastardly Deeds November 18, 2013
Those fucking annoying people that act like their good at everything even though they dont know shit. They normally cant be proven wrong as they know everything, will try to order people about and walk all over you and act all high and mighty all the time.

They put on a show in public places and talk really loud in hope that it will draw attention to them and make people notice how "great" they are.

For guys they normally act "Big Man"
Girls tend to act liek they are super intelligent.
"Whys that prick bragging so loud i bet its not even true, their so pretentious it pisses me off!"

"how fun would it be to hang that pretentious dick up by the foot and use him as a pinata".
by FuckTheMasses May 21, 2011
What all men from Texas assume all women from SoCal are.
I think you're pretentious simply because your area code is 949, even if you're the most down-to-earth person I'll ever know.
by illxnvrxtell February 27, 2011
the majority of people who make definitions to other words on this site.

you don't need to say mean things to eachother just to be different. accept different opinions and learn how to do it in a more mature manner.
If you complain about people not accepting you, it's probablly because you don't accept them. Stop being so pretentious.
by emm May 28, 2003

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