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A word that pretentious people use. If one uses the word "pretentious" then they are most likely trying to sound intelligent by using large words, therefore making them pretentious. (This results in a never-ending chain of pretentiousness.)
Bob: "That guy is so pretentious, now excuse me while I go listen to some indie music and be unique."
Larry: "Dude, you're so pretentious."
by imreallypretentious February 28, 2010
Aren't we all pretentious? Don't we all have some picture in our minds of ourselves that we aspire towards? Is that such a bad thing? We're all pretending, all the time. Idiots toss this word around not knowing what they really mean by it in my experience...they would probably say this definition is pretentious.
person A "we go to such an such cafe for coffee"

person B "really? I hate it there, everyone is so pretentious"

person A "really? Even the middle aged people and young mothers with children? What are they pretending to be? Are they pretending to drink coffee? Is it pretend coffee in an empty cup? How could a business run on that principal?"
by apretentiousperson May 25, 2012
1. full of pretense or pretension.
2. characterized by assumption of dignity or importance.
3. making an exaggerated outward show; ostentatious.
4. any person who smokes a pipe while sitting in a big leather chair while wearing a fine sweater-vest in his study which is filled with leather-bound books and smells of rich mahogany.
That pretentious band called Radiohead enjoy smoking pipes while sitting in big leather chairs while wearing fine sweater-vests in their studies which is filled with leather-bound books and smells of rich mahogany.
by gatchabich November 03, 2010
attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed
eg. Tom-Hey isn't that Megan an arrogant bitch, Steve-Yeah mate, needs to take her head out of her own arse. Tom-Yeah how pretentious
by TommyDLW May 28, 2012
Being a stuck up tool.
Sarah is so pretentious because she only eats Boar's Head deli meat.
by HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! July 11, 2012
A word that describes the people that use it
Fred: "That was the most abysmal, misogynistic waste of time I'm likely to ever experience in this terrestial realm."

George: "Don't be pretentious. Just tell me you don't like American Pie next time."
by wsucoug August 20, 2011
Behaving in an attention-seeking manner via presenting oneself on the surface as being intelligent, provocative, important, avant-garde, humorous or significant, yet harboring ulterior motives, typically involving some form of personal gratification or material gain (e.g. advancement in social status, career, wealth, etc.).

Note that using this word is often conflated to be a pretentious act in and of itself, as this word is frequently used as a way to easily discredit people, works of art, ideas or statements while simultaneously boosting one's own status.
"I used to think they were a smart, edgy, fun group of people to hang out with... but as soon as they realized I didn't have anything to offer them in terms of getting more publicity or a book deal or an art gallery gig, they stopped talking to me. I don't even know why I try to be their friend anymore! Pretentious twits."

- - -

Dude #1: "I really like the Three Stooges!"
Dude #2: "Whatever, they're so pretentious."
Dude #1: "Do you even know what that word means?"
by Buster Foodcube December 10, 2011