adjective, generally utilized in order to mask the speaker's own inadequacy, incomprehension and failure.
That pretentious bastard! He prefers Paris to Disney World!
by Lucy Potato May 10, 2006
All British people in the world, ever.
Look at me, I'm from England, I use words like whilst and put the letter "U" in unnecessary places! I'm such a pretentious cunt!
by Ryuichi Sakamoto October 09, 2006
a very contagious word. people who use the word pretentious are usually pretentious themselves. People who blame things for being showy and pretentious usually do so to indirectly say they are not pretentious themselves which is pretentious. People who use the word are also pretentious because the word pretentious is a big word that shows intellectualism. Pretentious just means showy, over the top, egotistic without proof, or psuedo intellectually acting smart but not really being smart. fans of the band tool are pretentious.
Gimmicks are pretentiously unique. The cool philosophical book smart kids at the coffee shop are pretentious. The weird artsy film is pretentious because it didn't make sense but showed fake intellectual property. the boy who wanted to look rich but didn't own much money is pretentious. the druggie kids who think they are smarter than everyone are pretentious. people who rant a lot of politics but do nothing are pretentious. and finally i'm pretentious for saying all those people are pretentious because i have nothing to show for myself either.
by eazy-x February 08, 2008
the word of the decade. everyone's using it to insult anything that seems smarter or tries to seem smarter or better.

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all the people on urbandictionary are pretentious because they can't insult someone in person. they have to do it from the safety of their computer. pretentious pretentious pretentious pretentious
by Eazy-X May 29, 2008

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