do people forget what real preps are?i dont live in a society that is one big flaw lik ethe united states.real preps are epople like frasier.there is nothing wrong if you are rich and want to be more civilised than those people who would rather go pick up a ho and then get drunk.there is nothing wrong if you like all those clothing brands mentioned.if u like htose clothes its fine.if u lik emainstream music its fine.BUT the underground term for prep are those who,jsu becaus ethey have a higher status in any walk of life specially high school think they can get your crush hate you.and the preps who say that they are individuals let me say something these stereotypes are a more flawed version of nationalities.each have their own customs the basic core but not everyone is on the spot alike. i jsut went to the us recently and u have go tto understand ppl think preps like those displayed in movies are just exaggerated.when i went to the us i asked a prep for assistance and after the wa\y she lloked at me and talked to me i was laughin in her face.
sports team ember,sports shirts,prestigious clothing brands,popular,like parties=not preps

preps=all of the above +making ppls social life a misery,think they have the right to judge things like movies music and people.
Preps are from rich families, academically gifted, and destined to make a lot of money just like their parents. It is ridiculous to say that they are 'ditzes' and 'sluts'. You would not make it into a prep school if you were either of these things. And preps do not wear American Eagle. They shop at Neiman Marcus.

Also, it's not like preps want to be anything else. Whenever somebody comes to a prep school dressed ghetto/goth/hooker, they are either immediately ostracized and made fun of, or more commonly they prep it up too. ;)

Also, it is ridiculous for people who pierce holes through their lips and noses just to fit in, to call US posers.
Come to La Jolla Country Day, where we don't care that a bunch of goths wearing dog collars and chains, in remedial 4th grade math, make fun of us!

Prep and proud.
by Angelacia May 02, 2007
A mistake is that a prep is someone who shops at American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister and is involved in school sports and activites. A prep actuallyattends a prepatory school usually on the east coast comes from an old rich family and dresses in labels like Ralph Lauren, Juice, Dior, Lacoste etc. A prep wears sweater vests, plays tennis, is a country club member and is destined for a top Ivy League school. Preps are nice. They are smart and not dumb. They aren't sluts or ditzes and they DON'T care about emos or goths or geeks and they DONT talk bunk about them!
Prep #1- Hey what's up? Would you like to play tennis with me?
Prep #2- Yes, of course! I love your Dior sunglasses... J'adore Dior!
Non Prep- You guys are fags1
Prep #1- Leave us alone, please.
by TheClashLovinPrepOlive February 26, 2007
Now really, do you want to be that girl who wears Abercrombie and everybody secretly calls her a whore behind her back? I think not. So sit up, summon some class, and become a true prep.

Don't wear jeans with holes in them. They just look trashy. Why would you buy jeans that are pre-ripped? That's just stupidity.

Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle. Sound familiar? Yeah, complete trash. They are trends that most certainly will not last. You don't even have to go to a prep school to be considered a prep anymore. Some clothes to invest in? Ralph Lauren, my personal favorite. Also, try some Lacoste and maybe some Brooks Brothers, but BB might be a tad too formal for some people. Vineyard Vines is nice for ties and belts. Lilly Pullitzer is a good, tropical option for polos. Buy some Rainbows or boat shoes, specifically Sperry's. Loafers are always nice.

Don't be one of those people that wears tacky silver and gold. Girls, if you want true class, buy a classic, thin strand of pearls. Timeless elegance.

Some nice sports? Guys usually participate in golf, crew, rowing, or sailing is always a prime sport. Girls, try some tennis or even horseback riding.

Preps aren't stuck up. Pseudo preps, yes. But true preps accept people as they are. Don't stick to the mantra, 'Emos are evil. They should all die.' You have to deal with a lot of types of people in the world. Get over yourselves.

Preps are classy, elegant, timeless. It's not something that passes after high school. I've been raised since birth as a true prep and I'm sure I will continue even after college.

So get rid of your Abercrombie and put some pearls on, slip on a Ralph Lauren polo, and wear some madras.
Veronica and Maddie sat in their tennis skirts and pearls, wearing their loafers at the local Starbucks, the true essence of prep..
Two girls passed by in their Abercrombie tops and fake Louis Vitton purses with their trashy boyfriends.
The girls sighed. "What a shame."
by outrageous. October 13, 2006
let's take this from someone who's lived in new england all her life.

a prep is usually a well-bred person who goes to prep school, boarding school, or private school, but not always. he/she can go to public school, too. they are pretty well-mannered and care alot about their academics. at least most of us do. some of us do come from a wealthy family. we're all usually involved in some sort of hobby such as field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, or my personal favorite, swimming, to be concerned about labeling anyone else. fashion is really important to us, or at least to me. we like looking nice, but we have no intention of flaunting or shoving price tags under everyone else's noses. my personal favorite places to shop are ralph lauren, lacoste, j.crew, sometimes lilly pulitzer and juicy couture. we like to wear juicy but we don't overdo it, vera bradleys are nice, and we love wearing our north face jackets in the winter, and occasionally we'll wear some burberry. but not all preps dress that way. some preps can dress in abercrombie & fitch, american eagle, and hollister co. and that doesn't make them any less than equal to those who do splurge a little. on vacations, new england "preps" do tend to spend weekends at the hamptons, in cape cod, or in martha's vineyard, but over here, that's just pure culture.

but you can ignore all that if oyu want because being a prep isn't about the school you go to, where you went this summer, or what you wear. it's all about the way you act and the definition of being well-mannered.
example of a prep: every prep is pretty much different. they don't all have the same personality, so therefore i pretty much say "screw the example" =]
by new england girl July 23, 2006
preps are ppl that are usually popular at school and they act all snobby and nasty because they know it and they judge anyone by their looks they will laugh at anyone thats not the same as them and wear tons of makeup and lipgloss. but some preps are nice their is nice preps so u cant just judge them coz their a prep and they usually dont accept u in their clan unless u mock other stereotypes or if u dress up the same as them or have heaps of money and be overly clean
preps: omg like ewwww ferals dont look at me u losers (usually only if theres more then 1 of them)
by tom. November 16, 2005

especially those preppy girly girls who takes FOREVER to get ready in the morning just cause they need their hair to be perfect and the way they look

sadly, NO ONE CARES about what you think of yourself

honestly, it's ok to be a little obsessive over yourself, but just don't overdo it

another reason they're preps is that they pick on people who DRESS DIFFERENTLY FROM THEMSELVES

i mean, wtf what made you think you had a fucking chance at making fun of someone else

it's not like you're any better than they are and at least they're not sluts who's like "ew is that dirt in my nails?"

no boy would honestly date preppy girls even if they do they'll eventually BREAK UP WITH THEM because they'll realize how mean they are how sensitive they are

even if boys date those preppies well they're only the ones who're A JERK to even think about taking an interest into those girls

Preps - Is that dirt?
Yes, it is, got a problem?
Preps - Well it's gross.. get it away from me, I don't want that piece of shit on my new skirt!
by Madelyn Black June 18, 2008
People who have attended or are attending a prepatory school, in order to prepare them for college. Outside of school, this genre of people are known for their good taste in clothes, with special attention to Ralph Lauren. THey are aso, in general, considerably wealthy.
In the Washington, D.C. area, two schools where preps attend are Georgetown Prep (for males) and Georgetown Visitation (for females).
by Rachel Ann January 01, 2006

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