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Do the American preps (the ones that live on the East Coast, go to the country club and wear Ralph Lauren etc.) realise how SNOTTY and DESPICABLE they sound? Yes, that's right, preppies. Flaunt your money. Make it clear to the world how wonderful you are because we really, really care.
First off, preps are not generally smart because they can afford an education. That is bollocks. Do you know why? Because you do not have to PAY for a good education, sweethearts! I'm not going to give you a personal example because unlike SOME people, I don't live to blow my own trumpet.
You're telling people that their definition of 'prep' is wrong because it's not the one that springs to mind when YOU, you smarmy little spoilt kids, think of the word.
To me, and to most of my generation, prep = queen bee. I go to an all girls school and the preps are the only ones who won't muck in with the rest of the form but prefere to ignore us from afar while whining about their unecessary and unhealthy diets and their various boys, generally named Danny or Joe, who they date simply because they're 'Like, soooo buff!' Preps are generally considered attractive, mainly because they're not hideously disfigured and they wear clothes that'd make a walrus look sexy, which leads them to dub less conventional beauties 'mingin'.
and and as a sweet, immature parting shot, to whichever preppy scumbag brought it up, in Britain, where it originated, Burberry is the lowest of the low.
God, I just love some of these definitions. Makes home look classless in comparison to America, which would be considered by some to be highly ironic. Ta ta, ya'll!!!
prep1: omg. he is soooo buff
prep2: yea, but like, you're going out with Charlie
prep1: yea, but he's like soooo yesterday...
prep: oh, right, like, okay babes. laters
by anarchyintheUK October 10, 2006

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