A synonym, in all but one case, for "not virgin."

The condition of PMSing for nine months.
Acolyte: Father, I'm pregnant.
Priest: Holy Shit.
by Theologian August 23, 2008
When a women's body opens-up a franchise.
She: "We're pregnant!"

He: "What you mean-um 'we,' paleface?"
by Carl Maltese August 09, 2007
Pregnant women. They're like they're own species; they deserve a special word of their own.
A pregnant: "I'm gonna run to the bank."

A non-pregnant: "why don't you just drive? It's faster."

Non-pregnant #2: "Yeah. Pregnants can't run!"
by Disgustipat3d July 19, 2011
a word that can be used in any context to show an excessive amount of emotion whether it be good or bad
girl: i like monkey brains on my pizza
boy: yo are you pregnant?!?

girl: i got straight A's and im going to harvard yay me
boy: ohh your sooo pregoooo..

boy: lets jump off of this cliff into a valley of death
by becca mat November 02, 2010
A female state resulting in her being fatter and more irritating than usual.
My wife is pregnant.
by MonkeyHutch96 December 01, 2010
To get really fucked up or to describe a good time
"Dude I got so Pregnant last night"

"Man I am going to get so pregnant tonight"

"You get preggers last night"

"After that shot of tequilla I was fucking pregnant"
by emiliob8 March 28, 2010
What happens if you don't use a condom/rain coat or it breaks.
Ya wanna know what I say to people who get pregnant and don't want to?
"Ya should have had anal sex...or atleast have used a condom!"
by Scratch DJ June 15, 2004

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