A synonym, in all but one case, for "not virgin."

The condition of PMSing for nine months.
Acolyte: Father, I'm pregnant.
Priest: Holy Shit.
by Theologian August 23, 2008
A joint that is rolled so inaccurately that most of the weed is cornered in one section of a joint.
"Jenna, seriously? You rolled another pregnant. Stop while you're at it."
"Dude, why the pregnant again?! I'll do it this time with your crappy joint skills."
by PABACAB February 05, 2015
Pregnant women. They're like they're own species; they deserve a special word of their own.
A pregnant: "I'm gonna run to the bank."

A non-pregnant: "why don't you just drive? It's faster."

Non-pregnant #2: "Yeah. Pregnants can't run!"
by Disgustipat3d July 19, 2011
a word that can be used in any context to show an excessive amount of emotion whether it be good or bad
girl: i like monkey brains on my pizza
boy: yo are you pregnant?!?

girl: i got straight A's and im going to harvard yay me
boy: ohh your sooo pregoooo..

boy: lets jump off of this cliff into a valley of death
by becca mat November 02, 2010
A female state resulting in her being fatter and more irritating than usual.
My wife is pregnant.
by MonkeyHutch96 December 01, 2010
To get really fucked up or to describe a good time
"Dude I got so Pregnant last night"

"Man I am going to get so pregnant tonight"

"You get preggers last night"

"After that shot of tequilla I was fucking pregnant"
by emiliob8 March 28, 2010
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