The condition many women get in after having too much sex.
dude, I had a lot of sex. I must be pregnant!!!
by lauren October 27, 2004
Something that happen's to a girl when they get a boy in bed without a comdom

this wut happened next day

boy: **** we had sex without a comdom!!

girl: >:D haha got ya now no running away from me again

boy: oh no now i can't get away from you :'(

girl: right so u better buy me everything i want for now one cause i got your baby inside me >:D
always use a comdom always do not egt a girl pregnant use a comdom always use a comdom
by Homie145 May 04, 2006
when a boy and a girl have sex together
girl'' lets go in the room and touch each other

boy'' sure thing babe

girl'' Babe im pregnant
by myles lover June 16, 2016
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