What happens if you don't use a condom/rain coat or it breaks.
Ya wanna know what I say to people who get pregnant and don't want to?
"Ya should have had anal sex...or atleast have used a condom!"
by Scratch DJ June 15, 2004
The worst STD known to man.
dude 1: hey what happened to that ashley bitch
dude 2: didn't you hear... she was a whore and got PREGNANT
by kelv February 15, 2005
an exclamation used to describe or identify the characteristics of anything, depending on tone of voice and situation.
guy1:"Hey i just found ten dollars on the ground!"
guy 2" totally pregnant, lets buy some weed!"

girl1" omg jill, steve has been cheating on me with stacy"
jill"wow that is so fucking pregnant, what a whore stacy is too"

guy1" my wife is pregnant!!"
guy2" thats SOOO PREGNANT!!!!...WITH TWINS!!!!"
by ballackschweini13x7 August 03, 2008
When a joint has not been shaped ( the matirial in the joint is nicely even ) OR when you havent grinded a bud ( of weed ) and it creats, once rolled, i sort of pregnant look, like a small bubble in a pen
you didnt even grind it you idiot now it looks all pregnant
by Blazzer June 26, 2007
What a girl does when she want to trap a guy for life. If she thinks that a guy has money or she is all fucked in the haad and does not want to lose the guy she will "forget" to take the pill.
Girl: You are mine for life I am pregnant!
Guy: No way! It is not mine.
by B from the bay December 23, 2005
what happens before an abortion
julie got pregnant, then got an abortion
by shtoink September 27, 2007
In message board lingo, this term is used to describe a poster (user) who is 'late' in a response to a certain topic, primarily in reference to the ever-popular "Person Above You" thread, where there is a possibility that numerous users are posting simultaneously.
whiskybear is pregnant.
by drunkengoat April 10, 2005

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