To prang in general terms mean to be mild to moderately annoyed due to excess alcohol, drug abuse, procrastination or boredom. It is usually a negative thing, though social ‘pranging’ v.i.a social networking, or face to face can be a positive bonding experience. Those who prang know as and when to use it.
I had far to much vodka last night man, I am pranging right now.
My girlfriend is on the rag and I really want a shag; bitch is pranging me out man.
Your pranging is pranging me out stop pranging.
by The Judge 2002 February 16, 2010
Mixture of pussy panging (please look up panging separately if not familiar with the term) and projectile squirting. Often a common verb associated with females
Person 1: Was he good at eating out?

Person 2: Are you joking? I was pranging everywhere!
by Duttygal August 12, 2014
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