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A "reward" i.e. well deserved and long awaited revenge for past misbehavior. The "reward" should be administered by those previously wronged and in a public or humiliating way.
That bitch will get her comeuppance in the form of a public birching at the next group pot luck. Everyone there will be quite pleased at the chance to participate. I don't think she will be able to sit down for several days.
by Melanie5 May 14, 2010
Someone in need of having their panties pulled down and their bum turned a rosy red hue.
Talking back at your boyfriend when he is being nice is impertinent.

Some girls like being spanked, and are intentionally impertinent.

Impertinence towards faculty in traditional schools can have dire consequences.
by Melanie5 May 11, 2010
The noise something big, dangerous and expensive makes when it breaks.
Whoa I heard that the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl went PRANG. Let's head for a different continent.
by Melanie5 June 07, 2010

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